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About the game Edit

The video game begins with the Hulk being captured by the Pantheon and breaking free just as their cargo ship lands in their mountain headquarters. In the first four levels, the Hulk battles inside the Pantheon secret headquarters, until the Pantheon members Atalanta, Ulysses, Ajax and Hector are located and defeated. After defeating them, they become the Hulk's allies. The storyline shifts to battles with super-villains such as Piecemeal, Trauma, Lazarus, theU-Foes and the Maestro. No sequel to this game.

Gameplay Edit

The Hulk can jump, punch, kick, and pick up certain large objects to throw as projectiles. Aside from the normal health bar, the Hulk also has a gamma energy bar that is depleted whenever the Hulk uses one of his special fighting moves. Several levels require the Hulk to solve a puzzle (i.e. locate and smash control panels in a certain order) to proceed.

The game includes a password feature to save progress.

When was it invented Edit

The Hulk came to Playstation on February 28th, 1997.