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Playstation 1

So here is the playstation 1 the games will be added sometime. But for right now here is a brief explanation of the playstation 1. The playstation was invented for multiple reasons but my reason why I like this is system is that, there was so many games to actually enjoy and play. My most favorite games on the Playstation were racing and snowboarding. Also the playstation 1 was one of the most sold systems to come out. The playstation had 2 controller slots also with 2 memory card slots. This also had a power cord and an audio cord to plug into the Television.

When it was invented?

This was invented on December 3 of 1994. This is 21 years ago.

How many games are there?

There is a lot of Playstation games.


The games will have separate pages to go to and look at/edit them if there is something missing from them. The games have seperate pages to go look at. Discuss about it/talk about them. Make sure to post about the game page that you are on, nothing else, if stuff is unrelated I will delete them.