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About the game Edit

This game involves raising, fighting, and breeding monsters. The main character is never seen on screen and never talks to anyone directly. Instead, all of the dialog and action is done by the trainer's assistant Colt and her toucan Joy. The player chooses their actions and choices through menu options.

Fighting Monsters Edit

The way you make money, and gain ranks, is by having your monster fight in tournaments. In a fight, your monster starts with 50 guts, which is basically energy to spend on the moves they know. You can control the monster yourself, or let them fight on their own as they do when they get into a battle in the wild.

There is one major stat a monster has which is only obvious in battle, it's guts regeneration rate. Every time you do a move, it costs a certain amount of guts, if you don't have enough guts to do a certain move, you have to wait until you regenerate enough guts to do it.

Moves can be done in one of four ranges. You move forward or backward by pressing right or left. If you get in very close, you can also push the opponent away from you.

When was invented Edit

This second game came out on February 25th, 1999.