About the game Edit

Grind Session is a skateboarding game. Grind Session features six professional skaters and nine hidden characters. One also has the ability to choose between four nameless skaters and edit their tricks and names.

Default Skaters Edit

  • Willy Santos
  • Daewon Song
  • Cara-Beth Burnside
  • Ed Templeton
  • Stephen "Pigpen" Spear
  • John Cardiel

Secret Skaters Edit

  • Skator (a boxy robot)
  • Rex (a dinosaur)
  • Hang Man (a chalk figure)
  • Stanley (classic alien)
  • Dave Carnie (man from Big Brother magazine, in a yellow jumpsuit)
  • Demon (a demon)
  • Stinger (a humanoid killer bee)
  • Golgotha (a humanoid monster)
  • Master AO (master skater with maxed out stats)

Skate Parks Edit

Grind Session has many real-life skate parks from around the world, these include:

  • Training Level
  • Da Banks (NYC)
  • S.F. Mission
  • Burnside
  • Slam City Jam
  • Atlanta
  • PlayStation Park London
  • Detroit
  • Huntington
  • Dream House (secret level)

The Dream House Edit

This is a huge skate palace composed of two wings, each containing its own distinct rooms.

East Wing Edit

  • Bathhouse
  • Aqua Lounge
  • The Fountain
  • The Music Hall

West Wing Edit

  • The Armory
  • Dream Bowl
  • The Drop Room
  • The Ramp

Each room has a coin to collect, and collecting them all will unlock Master AO.

When was it invented Edit

This game came out on April 29th, 2000. Also this was the first skateboarding game.

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