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The City is split into three levels, or "districts". The first level, Downtown, is a hub of business activity as well as the site of a large mental institution and university. The second area, the Residential District, contains the city's prison, atrailer park with an Elvis-themed bar dubbed "Disgracelands", a shopping mall, and a giant hydroelectric power plant. The third and final area is the Industrial District; it holds a large seaport, a meat packing plant, a Nuclear Power Plant and a Krishna temple. A new feature introduced in Grand Theft Auto 2 was doing missions for separate gangs, of which there are two new gangs for each of the three levels of the game, and one faction which is present in all levels. Being employed by one gang can cause distrust from others (working for gang No. 1 will incur the wrath of gang No. 2, working for gang No. 2 will cause enmity with gang No. 3, etc.). In the original Grand Theft Auto, only the local police pursued the player. In Grand Theft Auto 2, SWAT teams (4 Copheads) are introduced in the Downtown District, while Special Agents (5 Copheads) and the army (6 Copheads) are introduced in the Residential and Industrial Districts. These additional types of law enforcement begin chasing the player as his or her wanted level increases. The wanted level is represented by images of a cop's head, and vary between the Windows and PlayStation versions. Grand Theft Auto 2 introduced an improved saving technique, unlike the original game, which saved only when finishing a city. If the player entered a church with $50,000, a voice announced "Hallelujah! Another soul saved!". This notified the player that the game had been saved. If the player did not have enough money, the voice would say "Damnation! No donation, no salvation!". These messages are not heard on the PlayStation version. This is a sequel from the first Grand Theft Auto 1.

Gangs Edit

  • Zaibatsu Corporation (symbol: yellow 'Z') – A seemingly legitimate corporation who manufacture everything from cars and weapons to medication, but have connections to narcotics, contract-killing and shadowy politics. Appear in all areas.
  • Loonies (symbol: winking smiley face) – A fanatical collective that deals in contract killings and explosions. Appear in the first area.
  • Yakuza (symbol: blue yen '¥') – Based on the real life collective, they specialise in illegal drug distribution. Appear in the first area.
  • SRS Scientists (symbol: a golden shield) – A collective of illegal laboratories involved in weapon development, cloning, genetic engineering, and robotics. Appear in the second area.
  • Rednecks (symbol: the Confederate flag) – Based on the American stereotype, they specialise in explosives, vehicles, and moonshine. Appear in the second area.
  • Russian Mafia (symbol: a red star) – Also based on the real life collective, they specialise in contract-killing and gun running. Appear in the third area.
  • Hare Krishna (symbol: an orange flower) – A group of violent, green protesters based on the real life followers of Hare Krishna. Appear in the third area.

When was it invented Edit

This GTA game came out on October 25th, 1999.