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The player controls a spider-shaped think tank robot, known as Fuchikoma, that is able to jump, thrust forward, strafe to the side, climb walls, and hang upside-down from ceilings.The camera auto-adjusts its position when scaling walls and ceilings for easy maneuvering and automatically switches between first and third-person perspectives depending on the environment, although the player can stay in first-person view at will.The training mode contains six stages to learn the basic game elements. The first five stages introduce the player to targets in various settings and using the controls effectively, with the sixth being a battle against another Fuchikoma. The twelve missions that compose the story take place in different environments, including a warehouse complex, a sewer, the city highways, and the enemy base inside of a skyscraper. There was no sequel to this game.

Gameplay Edit

The missions display a variety of gameplay objectives: the first mission is a raid; the third level is an Explosive Ordnance Disposal mission that involves the elimination of bombs attached to red barrels; the fourth level is a sea chase on a boat; the fifth level is a game of hide-and-seek with the player having to locate a boss wearing therm optical

camouflage; and the game's final boss fight ends with a free fall battle down the skyscraper under a timer.Some stages of the game are governed by a time limit. Seventeen cut scenes can be unlocked throughout the missions and depending on the player's score in training mode. Once unlocked, the cut scenes can be reviewed on the options menu.

When was the game invented Edit

This game came out on October 31, 1997.