About the game/Gameplay Edit

Crash Bash is a party game for up to four human or computer-controlledplayers. The game features several rounds of minigames in which the goal is to defeat opponents by reducing their health to zero or otherwise knocking them out. The last player standing wins the round, and the first player to win a set number of rounds wins the game. The main mode of play in Crash Bash is the Adventure Mode, in which one or two players must win all 28 levels to complete. The player must win every collectible in each arena before advancing to the next. An arena boss minigame is unlocked when the player accretes a set amount of collectibles.[1] Minigames include races and other player elimination games.

The premise of the game's plot is an argument between Aku Aku and Uka Uka over whether good is stronger than evil.They decide to hold a team-based contest.

When was it invented Edit

This crash game came out on November 6, 2000.