About the game Edit

The core gameplay remains unchanged from the Battle Arena Toshinden but the game includes a simple combosystem. The 3D movement was also altered to create slightly better balance in battle; differentiating from the first game, dodge rolling will no longer make the character temporarily immune to the opponent's attack (in the first game, it was possible for a character to dodge straight through even the most deadly attacks). As in the first game, a player falling out of the ring will result in a ring out, only this time, if both players fall out of the ring at the same time, the one who falls out last will be declared the winner.

Returning Characters Edit

  • Eiji Shinjo
  • Kayin Amoh
  • Sofia
  • Rungo Iron
  • Fo Fai
  • Mondo
  • Duke B. Rambert
  • Ellis
  • Gaia (absent from URA)
  • Sho Shinjo

New Characters Edit

  • Tracy - A notorious New York police officer who likes to fight against criminals with a reckless manner. She is assigned to look into the activities of the Secret Society.
  • Chaos (absent from URA) - An executive of the Secret Society who unexpectedly lost his memories and went completely insane. He is given the orders to eliminate the organization's traitor Gaia.
  • Ripper (URA only) - A mysterious traveler who happens to be the brother of Cupido. He seeks to find the whereabouts of his missing sister.
  • Ronron (URA only) - A Chinese scientist/teacher who is responsible for the creation of the Repli prototype android. She seeks to find and deactivate her creation.

Unlockable Characters Edit

  • Uranus (absent from URA) - A beautiful angel-like French woman who happens to be the second-in-command of the Secret Society. She seeks to overthrow the organization's current leader so that she can take control. She is a sub-boss in the PlayStation version.
  • Master (absent from URA) - The final boss in the Arcade, PlayStation and PC versions of Battle Arena Toshinden 2. She is a powerful psychic who leads the Secret Society and seeks to destroy anything that stands in the organization's way.
  • Replicant (URA only) - A prototype android created by Ronron. Its original purpose was to be a huge step in the progression of law enforcement. It is the sub-boss of Toshinden URA.
  • Wolf (URA only) - Ronron's superior, who steals her prototype in order to use it for evil deeds. He is the final boss of Toshinden URA.
  • Vermilion - An unknown gunfighter who infiltrates the tournament for a shrouded agenda. He is a secret boss in both Battle Arena Toshinden 2 and Toshinden URA.

When was it invented Edit

This game also came out in 1995.